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July 27, 2019


Fire beam detector system: A conventional beam fire detector

Fire beam detector system | conventional beam fire detector


A fire beam detector system sensor is one of the useful products used to detect fires. The detector consists of optical beams that are used to sense the existence of an overwhelming amount of smoke.
It’s used in places where the standard smoke detectors, installed in the ceiling, are inconvenient and uneconomical.


Principle of operation:

The beam detector fire alarm basically works on detecting a blackout caused by excessive
smoke, indicating a fire. Once the detector feels the interruption of its infrared light beams, at a
certain percentage, the fire alarm goes off:

Fire beam detector system | conventional beam fire detector principles


Types of Fire Beam Detectors:

End-to-End beam Detector

This type has two separate units; a transmitter and a receiver. Each unit is installed at one end of the room.
The two units work together as the transmitter sends a beam light to the receiver which monitors the strength of that light.

Reflective/Single-End Detector

This type has all the units installed in one, the transmitter and receiver.
Both are mounted at one end of the room where on the other end, a reflector is hung. The reflector works on sending back the light beams to the transmitter



  • Installed in areas where ceilings are too high for regular fire detectors.
  • High coverage goes up to 900 square feet with just one device.
  • Beam detectors eliminate the need for installing dozens of standard smoke detectors to cover the desired area.
  • Economical and effective.

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