Fire Department Connection



Fire Department Connection | Water Support.

A fire department connection is a pipe system that allows the fire department to supplement
existing water sources, flowing water into any water-based fire system. In case of any fire, a
hose line can be connected to the FDC, pumping additional water into the fire sprinkler,
suppressing fire more effectively.

Different Parts of an FDC:

Fire Department Connection FDC

  • Main piping to the sprinkler system
  • Check valve
  • Inlet body, which consists of swivels, inlets, outlet, and the body connecting all parts

Types of FDCs:

  • Exposed FCDs attached to the outside of a building to be easily accessed by fire fighters
  • Freestanding connections located outside a building but standing apart, connected through a buried pipe
  • Flush connections attached to the building’s wall, sitting behind the wall with only the swivels exposed

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