Water Mist System


Fire Fighting water mist system
The Fire Fighting water mist system uses droplets of water to drench the area where a fire has blasted. Those droplets slow down the fire as they cool the area, giving no chance for fuels to aggravate the fire. When the water mist droplets are released in the hot air, they turn into steam that displaces the oxygen in the air.


Water Mist extinguishers are highly convenient as steam absorbs heat faster than the regular water drops. They come in various designs with different aims of either extinguishing, suppressing, or controlling fires and temperatures.


  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C


  1. Lower costs than regular fire extinguishing systems
  2. Lightweight (convenient for ships and boats)


  1. Higher maintenance cost
  2. Disability to extinguish fires in places with chemicals that react with water or some metal types.



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